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Design Studio
I envisage, explore, create and craft
    progressive digital experiences for you and your business

I design great websites and setup your online peresence and digital capabilities from start to finish 

Meet Me:

Effron Esseiva

Founder & Designer

What I Do for you


You want to take your business, your services, your product online but don't know where to begin, or you don't have the time to go to the level you wish to go to? I help you get your business online with an inviting, exciting look that will attract your customers, your students, your market in a simple no fuss way that you can afford. You will be able to sell and market to your customers from the web and from an app. You will have a beautiful website in less than two weeks. A more complex site may take longer to complete. Your app will have to be vetted by Apple or Google, which will add to the timeline. For a simple web experience, you can be up and running in as little as a day.

You might already have a website or an app that just doesn't offer all of the flexibility, mobile readiness and digital commerce that your customers now expect. I can chart a path forward for you using my approach and methodology. I use design thinking to create digital interactions that are not about the technology but about you and about your customer - with ease of use in mind..

I can curate drawings and photos and create fetching logos for your website that make your site look unique and easy to use.


I can help you load your inventory and work with you to build a shipping strategy that doesn't eat into your profits. Accept major credit cards and have your revenue transferred to your bank account.

Most importantly, I ensure your website is found by Google, Bing and the other search engines by optimizing your web pages. 

How I Work


The design point of my service is to make technology accessible to you and your business. Time is precious. I don't do free work. You don't give away product or classes. The initial consult, for a nominal fee, is used as a credit toward the subsequent work. I keep the work affordable. You don't have an obligation to continue after the initial consult. At any time, when you are ready, you can go it alone. I won't abandon you. You can bring me in at a future time again. 



Establish your objectives during the discovery session.  60 minutes

Who I am


I am a dynamic, flexible and approachable technology resource for your business with a deep understanding of business, accounting, technology trends, design and marketing and a flair for photography and visual arts. My technology career in a leading technology company has taught me to see technology as a tool to exploit and not an obstacle. To me technology is fun; problem solving excites me. My websites I create are successful. One of my customers has generated six figure revenues through the website I built with very high website traffic. 

My interests are diverse and when we have time to chat you can totally draw me into anything to do with travel, hiking, the mountains, water sports, cooking and languages, geography or world history. 

I am looking forward to meeting you. Click on the CONTACT button or use the CHAT function to get in touch with me. I am busy but will get back to you at the earliest possibility. 

What I Believe


When technology is made accessible, we are digitally empowered! My goal is to grow my customer base while digitally empowering you. This means, that you will have the keys to your castle, be able to make your own changes without dependence on eeDesign, but if you need support I am here.


My best reward is your recommendation of my services to someone you know who also wants to expand their digital business. Happy customers are the best reference. Thank you!

Feel free to contact me by clicking the CONTACT button or by using the CHAT function.


Create compelling digital content and strategy collaboratively. 


Design your needs based website/app using templates and design thinking.  


Develop your website/app with the content and design of your choice.


Verify and launch your beautiful digital experience


Maintain and Support your website as needed; future planning

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