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Establish your objectives for a new website

  • 1 hour
  • 100 US dollars

Service Description

The discovery session is the most important meeting we will have to understand your business. What will we do? We will go over your branding, color schemes, fonts and tone of voice the digital experience will set. We will go over the products or services your wish to sell or advertise. If you have existing brochures, artwork, newsletters, icons and images this can be gathered as collateral to use to build or adapt your new website/app. We can look at your marketing calendar to show the past and planned future marketing events and how you are "seen" commercially. We will look at your competitors to help peg ourselves against them and ahead of them! To be successful, I am doing everything to get into the wheelhouse of your business, service or product offering. We will do short exercises together that will help me use technology to represent you and your customers and help you build your business. You will receive a report that summarizes my understanding of what we discussed. It will serve as the blueprint and foundation for the future work we will do together; should you choose to do so. I use tools such as Miro to capture your input and use it to evolve the design. Regardless of whether you are starting fresh or morphing an existing website or mobile app to become the "new you", going through the deliberate pouring of the foundation is quintessential to being successful. You will be successful. Let me take the lead! This session is offered for a nominal fee. It's not an hourly rate but a value that you will receive. Even if you decide you will not engage my services to build your digital experience, you will be able to use the output from the session to achieve your goals of expanding your business. You get the best value from the session when continuing to work with me, as the initial fee is applied to your project as a credit. You will get an estimate of the cost for your project within one week of the discovery session. I have packages that encompass either a full e-commerce experience or a more simple experience without the e-commerce aspect. You choose! If your vision is larger than the out-of-the box offers, I can custom quote. A custom quote will be necessary if you include a mobile app in the offerings you want to build. I am looking forward to working with you and taking the digital experience of your business to the next level!

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